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Frequently Asked Questions

What you should know about our claims

A 2015 study using previous MyCPNFile.com clients saw that the average result was every new credit file reported to (2) credit bureaus with a successfully posted FICO credit score of 678+ and at least 78% of clients experiences their new credit files reporting to all (3) credit bureaus with a 708+ FICO credit score. There are several variables that affect the posting of a new credit file like age, area code, zip code and other factors resulting in a higher or lower initial score. Manage you file responsibly and getting into the 800’s is very possible in a short period of time. Let us help get you there. Start TODAY! Free Account Sign Up with Back-office.

What is a Credit Privacy Number (CPN)?

What’s a Credit Privacy Number (CPN)?

Whеn you’re lооking to оbtаin credit fоr whatever thе rеаѕоn, it’s соmmоn tо hаvе tо issue уоur ѕосiаl security numbеr (SSN) to thе lеndеr in оrdеr fоr thеm tо dо a thоrоugh bасkgrоund сhесk tо mаkе ѕurе thаt уоu ԛuаlifу. But a ѕосiаl ѕесuritу numbеr iѕn’t the only option that consumers hаvе in thеѕе inѕtаnсеѕ – thеу саn аlѕо оbtаin what iѕ саllеd a “Crеdit Privасу Numbеr,” оr CPN, fоr the рurроѕе оf аррlуing fоr a lоаn, bank account, automobile, apartment etc. Whаt’ѕ a CPN? It’ѕ ѕimilаr to a ѕосiаl ѕесuritу numbеr in that it’ѕ a nine digit idеntifiеr аnd each consumer iѕ оnlу реrmittеd one. But it diffеrѕ from a SSN in that it can better hеlр keep уоur finаnсеѕ ѕаfе аnd more hiddеn frоm the рubliс. Eѕѕеntiаllу, it offers a littlе bit mоrе security thаn a SSN. For thаt reason, mаnу сеlеbritiеѕ, аthlеtеѕ аnd роlitiсiаnѕ use CPNs fоr рrivасу аnd ѕесuritу purposes.

Is a Credit Privacy Number (CPN) Legal?

As quoted from the FBI website:

. “Credit Privacy Numbers (CPNs) are nine-digit file numbers that follow the same algorithm as Social Security Account Numbers (SSANs). Currently, federal law allows individuals to legally use CPNs for financial reporting and protects those individuals who do not wish to disclose their SSAN [Social Security Account Number]. Individuals who acquire CPNs are completely responsible for any debt they incur using this number.”


Credit Bureaus:

Credit Bureaus are private companies and are not affiliated with the government in any way whatsoever. Although, the credit bureaus would like you to think otherwise.

Q. Is this legal?

A. Due to certain rights guaranteed by the 1974 US Privacy Act Title V (View The 1974 Privacy Act), federal law allows the ability for someone to legally use a private ID # for financial reporting purposes instead of a Social Security Number. Title 5, Section 7 of Publication Law 93-579 of Government Organization and Employees Act:
…(a) (1) It shall be unlawful for any Federal, State or Local Government Agency to deny any individual any right, benefit, or privilege provided by law because of such individual’s refusal to disclose his or her’s Social Security Account Number.
The law states that No federal, state, or local government agency may deny you any right, privilege or benefit due to your refusal to provide your SS # for any other reason than producing money for retirement account with the Social Security Administration, the IRS and your employer today.Credit Bureaus are not legally allowed to “require” your Social Security Number. In our country’s present credit reporting system a person may be assumed guilty and then must expend a great deal of time and resources to prove his or her innocence. Additionally, once a negative item is in a credit file it may remain long past the 7 year time period most people believe is used. Additionally, a misreported item can show up in a credit report multiple times.
Credit bureaus are private companies and are not affiliated with the government in any way, whatsoever. Although, the credit bureaus would like you to think otherwise.
Credit card applications are not supposed to ask for your “private” social security number for any of their products. Social Security Numbers issued by the Social Security Administration are only supposed to be used for benefits related to the Social Security Administration, period. The banks have swayed people to use their SS# to establish credit accounts. CPN numbers are legitimate. As stated below Title 5, Sec­tion 7 of Pub­li­ca­tion Law 93–579 of Government Orga­ni­za­tion and Employee Act: (a)(1) It shall be unlaw­ful for any Fed­eral, State or Local Gov­ern­ment Agency to deny any individual any right, ben­e­fit, or priv­i­lege pro­vided by law because of such individual’s refusal to dis­close his or her Social Secu­rity Account Number. . Credit cards issued by banks deal with “real money” issued by the Treasury Department, thus the unsecured “loans” Americans inherit when using credit cards are essentially federally insured funds being borrowed. Credit cards are not issued by tax payers or insured by angel investors. They are a products issued by FDIC protected banks. To require that a citizen provide his Social Security Administration to gain access to Federal dollars referred to as credit cards is a violation of Title 5, Sec­tion 7 of Publication Law 93–579 of Gov­ern­ment Orga­ni­za­tion and Employ­ees Act.

How can it help me? What are the benefits?

We work with individuals every day that have the same struggles as you, and we love being able to be the solution to the struggle. Regardless of what type of struggle you face, we have a solution that will put you back in the drivers seat. We want to be sure you get the best of the best. Not only do we have solutions for any credit situation, but we actually take each case personally as if it was our own. This will provide you “A Fresh Start”. Keep in mind it is not a means to defraud creditors. This can help relieve some of you burdens, give you a “Second Chance”, to help you get your credit taken care of while building your new credit profile number. Also help with those unexpected financial surprises or just a little more security just knowing there is a way out. Falling on hard times? Circumstances out of control?

  • -Bad divorce
  • -loss of job
  • -loss of investment
  • -sickness/health/medical
  • -single parent
  • -No retirement
  • -Kids college
  • -Wedding
  • -Over extended credit
  • -Bad choices

…These are just a few to mention. We have helped tens of thousands of people become credit worthy in the United States. We have a LEGAL process that establishes your file with all 3 credit bureaus. This is an opportunity for more than just a new credit profile number and a new credit file, this is “A New Life”. Learn the secrets known only by high powered attorneys who charge up to $3,000.00 for the same service. We charge a lot less and we are all entitled to the same laws that the rich, famous and politicians are.

When can I start to use my new CPN Credit File?

Once we hand over control of the new credit profile to you. We must complete our service to you via the new credit profile package that you purchased. Typically, after 45 business days we can start discussing the methods for you to successfully buy a car, rent an apartment, turn on utilities or buy a home with your new credit privacy number (aka S.C.N. Secondary Credit Number).

Do I need to provide a new email address, mailing address or phone number?

You do not need to provide a new address for your account we provide it for you. Also we provide a new email address that we use to put on your credit applications. We also provide the password to the email account so you can log in and check credit issuer notices. However, we do need you to get a new phone number. After you receive your new credit privacy number profile in your email there will be a tutorial on how to create your new phone number for free. Regardless of the phone number you decide to provide us the bottom line is that the phone number can not be associated with any other credit accounts attached to your primary social. If you create a new phone number, we can be assured that this is true.

Why would a CPN SCN credit account take longer than usual to get built out or get a credit score?

Once we send you your new CPN package in your email we need you to get your new phone number back to us ASAP so we can do the tri-merge on your new credit file. If it is a weekend on the end of the month your new credit card approvals could fall into the next billing cycle and it could potentially take up to 60 days to finally get the credit score. Every new credit file account is different. Based on area code, zip code, age of client etc. could make the new credit file post a score earlier or later.

How will I get my new credit cards?

We will do an address forward for you from the address we provide you on your new credit profile to the address you gave us on your new credit privacy number registration submission that you filled out after payment. Also keep in mind it is ok if you are currently receiving credit notices from your primary social security number credit profile at the same address you give us on your application. Address forwarding does not reference the credit databases it is only for the mail so you don’t have to worry about getting your physical correspondence from you new credit profile credit accounts at any address you would like to conveniently receive your new mail at.

Can I pay any other way besides credit card?

Yes, however we recommend paying by credit or debit card if you can for your own security and protection with whomever you do business with online. However, being in the business we are, we understand if you do not have a credit account.


  • Visit your nearby 7-Eleven, CVS, Walgreen’s or many other convenience store locations and load cash onto a prepaid debit card with the cashier, then come back to our site and make a payment for the package you are interested in. If the package is $225.00 for example give the cashier $230.00 since loadable prepaid debit cards charge anywhere from $2.95 – $4.95 to load.
  • Bank cash deposit at the counter (ask for details).
  • From either option keep your receipt as proof of payment.

If there is any way you can avoid the hassle above we would recommend it for your security and over all efficiency of the service we provide. However, since our mission is to get you back into great standing with credit and banking institutions we will make every effort necessary to be sure you have access to our much needed service.

Can I work as a Remote Virtual Agent with MY CPN File?

Glad you asked go to: https://mycpnfile.com/agent-jobs/

Once you register as a regular user on My CPN File for free, you get access to become an agent.

You get $100 per sale!


Important Tip #1

Do not attempt to refinance anything that was purchased under your social sec. # with the CPN no matter how great the rates look, because this will also merge your credit profiles together and will be denied credit.

Important Tip #2

When applying for credit ALWAYS use your new address associated with the CPN, if your license or ID still contains the old address make sure update your address on your ID. That way you have an ID to support ID verification. If you need 2 forms of ID use a passport as it does not have an address on it but is accepted as a second form of ID. Also you can you the credit cards you get in the mail as identification. When filling out the new photo ID application use your origional SSN on the application but put all your new CPN file information like address etc we give you so you will have an ID that supports your new credit file

CPN Responsibility and Misuse

If your questions have not been answered above, we recommend you do your own research. Please use your CPN/SCN responsibly. We assume no liability for use or misuse of your CPN/SCN. You have been given the basic guidelines and instructions and have been given further advice to bring yourself up on the current laws concerning CPN/SCN numbers. PLEASE NOTE: This program is not intended to be used as a method of defrauding banks, creditors, or any other organization that requires your social security number as identification. This program is not a method to avoid paying your existing or future debts. If you created the debt, you are responsible to repay that debt. However, we will not support, facilitate, nor condone any fraudulent activity. The information here is informational purposes only and for you to use at your own risk. We are not lawyers or any legal services.

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